TDC meets CIS, Hudson and Warsaw Institute Visiting Fellows

TDC President Maksym Skrypchenko and Programs Coordinator Daryna Sydorenko met with Mónika Palotai, Visiting Fellow of the Hudson Institute, Kristóf Gyorgy Veres, Visiting Fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies, and Benjamin Bardos, expert of the Warsaw Institute.

TDC team and distinguished guests discussed the security situation in Ukraine, migration trends among Ukrainian refugees, the issue of the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine, global sensitivity regarding religious issues, and ways to enhance of public communication in Ukraine.

Participants engaged in fruitful discussions in which they shared insights, analyses, and research findings. The meeting concluded with a commitment to future research and collaboration. The TDC expressed keen interest in working closely with the Hudson Institute and the Warsaw Institute to pool expertise, conduct research, and share findings. This collaboration seeks to improve comprehension of the security challenges facing Ukraine, migration dynamics, religious sensitivities, and effective public communication strategies.

The TDC looks forward to continued engagement with its esteemed partners, confident that this meeting has established a solid foundation for fruitful cooperation in the pursuit of shared objectives.