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Help us shape the future of Ukraine by donating to the Transatlantic Dialogue Center. Your generosity will directly support our mission of providing high-quality policy advice, comprehensive analysis, and insightful weekly briefings on the situation in Ukraine and the broader international relations landscape.

Since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, our think tank has not just survived; we’ve expanded our activities. We’ve been relentless in providing the world with Ukraine’s perspective on the crisis and other international matters, working tirelessly to ensure our country’s voice is heard on the global stage.

Your donation will help us to:

  • Produce Weekly Briefings: Keep global decision-makers, media, and the public informed about the ongoing situation in Ukraine.
  • Conduct In-depth Analysis: Enable our team of experts to delve deep into the complexities of international relations, producing evidence-based policy advice and strategic insights.
  • Create Infographics: Contribute to the design and distribution of visually compelling infographics that simplify complex data, making it accessible and understandable to a wide audience.
  • Empower Ukrainian Youth: Support projects designed to engage and empower the youth of Ukraine, preparing them to become the leaders of tomorrow.

We believe in the power of information, the strength of strategic analysis, and the potential of Ukraine’s youth. Our work is instrumental in shaping Ukraine’s foreign policy and its global narrative. By donating, you are not only supporting us but also contributing to a more informed, understanding, and peaceful world.

Donations of any amount make a significant difference. Each contribution allows us to continue and expand our work, ensuring the uninterrupted flow of crucial information from Ukraine to the rest of the world. We are grateful for your support and promise to utilize every donation to its fullest potential.

Donate Ukraine. Support TDC. Uphold democracy and peace.

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