Fake: U.S. forcing Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to pursue hostilities, impeding peace accords

Such claims are being spun across the Russian media in a bid to justify the aggression, terror and war Russia is waging against Ukraine. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said, “We see this as a manifestation of the fact that the Kyiv regime is controlled by Washington and its allies, who are pushing President Zelensky to pursue hostilities,” Lenta.ru reports.

In fact, it is Russia that is pushing Ukraine to continue defending itself. Moscow believes it is waging war with NATO and the United States – on the territory of Ukraine. Among the main narratives promoted by Russia is that for many years, the U.S. has been allegedly pumping Ukraine up with weapons and money in order to kindle a fire at Russia’s doorstep at the right time. But Ukraine has never looked fighting Russia until February 24, until the moment Russia invaded Ukraine. Today, as the war continues in its second month, Ukraine has no plans to encroach on Russia either. It is merely forced to defend its on territories and statehood. It’s not Ukraine that attacked Russia – it’s the other way around.

So such statements circulated by Russian propaganda testify to their anger and hopelessness, which is getting even worse, from realizing that the whole world has rallied to support Ukraine. On the other hand, the United States remains vocal in its support for Ukraine – both diplomatically and financially. The United States, its allies and partners have imposed unprecedented sanctions on Russia, while a number of Western businesses have ceased or limited their operations in the country.

Russia isn’t ready to end the war and is going to continue aggression. The only thing that’s changed is Moscow’s goals and plans for the invasion so they are preparing for a new stage of war, the U.S. administration believes. Russia will focuse its main efforts on seizing the wider territories of Donbas in order to mask previous military failures, U.S. presidential adviser Jake Sullivan suggests.

That is, it is Russia that is really forcing Ukraine to continue to fight and repel aggression. According to Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense, since February 24, when Russia moved into the country, the invaders’ death toll has amounted to almost 19,000. Putin deliberately uses in combat operations in Ukraine soldiers from small towns scattered across Russia’s vast so as not to escalate internal tensions.

This proves that human life is not seen as much of a value in Russia, especially when it comes to people living in the North Caucasus or remote villages and towns. Being well aware of that, it’s men from these locations whom Putin recruits and then pays compensation to families of those killed in action, which is a hefty sum by local standards. This, in turn, forces these families to keep their mouths shut and thus silently support continued aggression in Ukraine.