Situation in Ukraine: Binational Roundtable in the University of Buenos Aires

The University of Buenos Aires (Universidad de Buenos Aires, Facultad de Derecho) hosted an extremely important event “Situation in Ukraine: Binational Roundtable”. At this event, representatives of TDC and UBA discussed the current situation in Ukraine and the numerous war crimes committed by the Russian armed forces.

TDC experts Oleksandr Slyvchuk and Alina Rohach, as well as UBA representative Luciana Minassian made presentations. Oleg Yakhno (UBA) coordinated the event.

During the event, the participants took a closer look at the numerous violations of international law and conventions by Russia, which have become part of the country’s aggressive policy. Specific examples of war crimes documented during the war against Ukraine were presented, as well as a comparative analysis with other historical examples of Russia’s warfare.

This allowed for a deeper understanding of the context and motives of Russia’s current actions, as well as emphasized the importance of the international community in ensuring justice and accountability for the crimes committed.

TDC is implementing the project with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation.