Oleksandr Slyvchuk for Infobae: Understanding the complex dynamics of Russia’s war against Ukraine

Oleksandr Slyvchuk, Coordinator of the Spain and Latin America Cooperation Program of Transatlantic Dialogue Center, gave an interview to the Infobae. Oleksandr analyzed Ukraine’s relations with Latin American countries, described in detail the course of the Ukrainian counteroffensive and the role of China in Russia’s war against Ukraine.

In his interview, analyst provided a detailed overview of the situation in Ukraine as of 2014, mentioning the occupation of Crimea and the eastern regions of Donetsk and Luhansk by Russia, and Kyiv’s efforts to defend the country’s sovereignty in the face of Russian aggression.

Oleksandr also mentioned Russian war crimes, including the execution of civilians and the destruction of Ukrainian cities, as well as the deportation of thousands of Ukrainian children, who are re-educated to change their cultural and linguistic identity.

Feel free to find the full article at the Infobae website.