Protracted war between Ukraine and Russia will starve out the world

Russian aggression in Ukraine threatens the world with global famine due to skyrocketing food prices. Ukraine is the world’s fifth-largest wheat exporter, accounting for 10% of the global market. Also, the nation is one of the leading suppliers of corn with a share of around 15%.

If the Russian invasion isn’t stopped, the crisis in Ukraine will inevitably affect the whole world. For example, the Cameroon government claims Russia’s war in Ukraine has already caused a shortage of wheat, leading to a 40 percent rise in bread prices.

Despite active hostilities ongoing on the territory of Ukraine, Ukrainian farmers in 11 regions of the country have begun the sowing campaign, defying enemy missile strikes, trying to save the world from starvation. In turn, the entire civilized world should support Ukraine in these difficult conditions because not everyone is able to sow crops amid shelling and bombing. Russia is well aware of the threats to global food security and exploits anxiety to blackmail the international community. Therefore, only a consolidated position of the West in helping the Ukrainian army, by providing it with the necessary weapons and air defense systems, will help stop Russia’s aggression, which is now threatening not only Ukraine, but the whole world.

The consequences of the Ukrainian crisis will hit all parts of the world. Today, grain prices are higher than they have been since the 2008 food crisis. Russian military aggression must be stopped immediately, otherwise Ukraine won’t be able to complete the sowing of vital agricultural crops, and the world will face famine yet unseen in the 21st century.