Unpacking Germany’s Reluctance: TAURUS Missiles and Ukraine for TVP WORLD

TDC’s Visiting Researcher, Vitalii Rishko, recently appeared on TVP WORLD to discuss Germany’s reluctance to supply TAURUS long-range cruise missiles to Ukraine. The conversation covered various factors that significantly shape Germany’s stance on this issue, including domestic pressures, societal perspectives on arms transfers, historical context, and Berlin’s approach to assuming a more prominent role in arms supply. It also highlighted the absence of a comprehensive and up-to-date strategy concerning Russia and ongoing debates within Germany and the broader Western community about whether Russia should be a part of a new security architecture in Europe.

The interview touched upon several pertinent topics that could affect Germany’s position, such as forthcoming elections in the US, the European Parliament, and other key capitals, concerns about support for Kyiv, political instability within the US Congress, Russia’s provocative behavior in terms of nuclear posturing, and its efforts to disseminate propaganda aimed at undermining international support for Ukraine. Additionally, the conversation considered the sentiments within Ukraine concerning the continued receipt of international aid and corresponding challenges, along with the apparent unlikelihood of any negotiations between Kyiv and Moscow in the foreseeable future.