Ukraine is making its way towards NATO membership

Step by step, Ukraine is making its way towards NATO membership, and the recent 15th Kyiv Security Forum titled “Fight for NATO” shed light on this journey. For years, a lack of political will hindered Ukraine’s accession to NATO. The collapse of the USSR created uncertainty, causing Western countries to turn a blind eye. Despite conflicts in Moldova and Russian aggression in Sakartvelo, Ukraine was left to face Russia alone.

However, times are changing. The tides have turned dramatically since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in January 2023. A recent poll revealed that a staggering 86% of Ukrainians now support their country’s NATO membership. The world witnessed the full-scale war with Ukraine, altering the global power dynamics and the Euro-Atlantic landscape. Even traditionally neutral countries like Finland and Sweden are moving towards NATO membership.

Ukraine’s resilience and determination are evident. The country is proving that it can pave its own path, demonstrating its readiness to be a full-fledged member of NATO. It is time for the “open door” policy to evolve into a formal invitation for Ukraine to join the Alliance. This is Ukraine’s ultimate goal in its relationship with NATO, and it seeks recognition for its progress and contribution.