TDC Analyst for the Diplomaatia: Crimean Tatars in the vortex of war – a decisive time for the nation

Alina Horbenko, Junior Analyst of the Transatlantic Dialogue Center, recently wrote an opinion article for the Diplomaatia magazine published by the International Centre for Defence and Security.

Miss Horbenko covers the turmoil and sufferings of the Crimean Tatars during the war, emphasizing the hostile colonial Russian policy of searches, enforced disappearances, deportations, religious persecutions, constant harassment and russification towards the peninsula’s indigenous people. Following the 2022 full-scale invasion, the situation in Crimea escalated even more leading to omnipresent human rights violations, major people’s indignation, and eager to resist. What was done to the Peninsula and its inhabitants back in 2014 and what is happening there now?

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