Behörden Spiegel and TDC online event on Ukraine’s defense and security

On 19 January, the Transatlantic Dialogue Center (TDC) co-organized an event with the German media outlet “Behörden Spiegel” titled “Defense Days: View from Ukraine” which brought together key figures from Ukraine to discuss defense and security issues. The event was notable for the participation of Ukrainian Members of Parliament, Inna Sovsun and Sviatoslav Yurash, who shared their perspectives on the current state of affairs in Ukraine.

Stepan Rusyn, Coordinator of the German-Ukrainian Partnership Program at TDC, also participated in the event and presented the results of a nationwide survey on Ukraine’s postwar reconstruction and the attitudes of Ukrainians towards Germany. The poll provided insights into the views of the Ukrainian citizens on the ways Ukraine’s security should be safeguarded in the future.

The participation of the Ukrainian MPs, Inna Sovsun and Sviatoslav Yurash, provided valuable insights into the current political climate in Ukraine and the challenges faced by the country in terms of countering Russian aggression. They also discussed the ways in which Ukraine and Germany can work together to address these challenges and improve their partnership.

In addition to these political figures, the event also featured a presentation by industry partners DIHAG Holding GmbH, delivered by CEO Viktor Babushchak and Advisor Silvio Stockmann.

The event provided a valuable opportunity to present the Ukrainian position on relevant defense and security issues to the wider German audience and helped to strengthen the ties between the two countries.

Stepan Rusyn participated in the event “Defense Days: View from Ukraine”