Presentation of the results of the national survey in Bundestag

On 29 November – 02 December, Coordinator of the German-Ukrainian Partnership Program Stepan Rusyn was on a visit to Berlin.

The main goal of the trip was to present the results of the survey that was commissioned by the Transatlantic Dialogue Center and carried out by Sociological Group «Rating» on 20-21 November. It measured Ukrainians’ expectations of reconstruction, their perception of war, peace, possible security guarantees as well as their attitude to Germany.

The presentation took place at Paul-Löbe-Haus, on 02 December. The event was attended by member of the Bundestag Marcus Faber, parliamentary consultants, analysts and German experts on Ukraine.

During the visit, the TDC representative also attended the Berlin Security Conference, networking conference “Dialogue for Future 2022″ and Minsk Forum XX Session in Berlin, meeting local politicians and experts as well as participating in discussions.