April 11, 2022 | Daily briefing


Zelensky predicts that next week will be very tense because Russia will move to large-scale combat operations in eastern Ukraine.

«Russia will dread even more. It will dread losing and being forced to admit the truth. Russian troops will move to even more large-scale actions in the east of our country, it will use even more rockets and air bombs against us, but we are preparing for those actions”, said Zelensky.

The President emphasized that Ukrainian defenders are ready. The authorities plan to supply Ukraine with more weapons and work even more actively in the international arena.


Over the last 24 hours, Russian shelling killed two people, and wounded four in the Donetsk oblast, stated the Head of the Regional State Military Administration Pavlo Kyrylenko.


UN recorded 1,793 deaths and 2,439 injuries of Ukrainian civilians, a total of 4,232 victims of the full-scale Russian invasion.


Ukrainian defenders destroyed the Russian ammunition depot near an occupied settlement in the Luhansk region.

“We have a small victory – it took 2.5 hours to burn what could have already killed our people today”, said the Head of Luhansk Regional Military Administration, Serhii Haidai.


According to British intelligence, the possibility of the Russian military using phosphorus munitions in Mariupol is increasing.

“Russian forces’ prior use of phosphorous munitions in the Donetsk Oblast raises the possibility of their future employment in Mariupol as fighting for the city intensifies.”, a Twitter post said

British intelligence warns that Russia’s continued reliance on unguided bombs decreases its ability to discriminate when targeting and conducting strikes while significantly increasing the risk of further civilian casualties.


On the night of April 11 Russian military shelled a train station in eastern Ukraine. This is the second shelling of a train station after Kramatorsk. There were no victims; the train station continues to operate as scheduled.


Russian invaders murdered 183 children in Ukraine. More than 342 have been wounded.

These figures are not conclusive as they do not include those killed in Mariupol and other places where active hostilities occur.


Explosions and shelling continue in the Kherson region. Russian forces are concentrated in the occupied villages of the Kherson region. The region is on the brink of a humanitarian disaster. The enemy doesn’t let any aid and supplies pass.


Rubble is being cleared in de-occupied Borodianka, Kyiv region.


Russian forces dropped time bombs on Kharkiv. The police and rescuers have cordoned off the dangerous area.


Russian shelling of Mykolaiv wounded 25 people yesterday.

Fortunately, there were no children among them. All victims have been transported to the hospitals.

367 people in the region’s hospitals have sustained injuries due to Russian aggression.


Russia spreads fakes about the alleged destruction of the air defense system transferred to Ukraine by Slovakia. The Prime Minister of Slovakia refuted Russian propaganda.

“Slovakia disproves Russian propaganda that the air defense system was destroyed. Officially confirmed by Ukraine,” the minister said.

Ukraine’s foreign minister also warns that the Kremlin has prepared a large-scale disinformation campaign to disrupt the arms supply campaign.


Russian invaders exploit Ukrainian children to recon Ukrainian military positions, the Security Service of Ukraine reports.

“The Security Service urges all parents to be vigilant about their children’s contacts and texts.

In Kharkiv, occupiers contacted a minor through Telegram messenger. They promised payment for information on Armed Forces of Ukraine’s positions in the city”.


Russian occupation forces shelled Lysychansk with heavy weaponry. One person is reported to have been killed.

The Head of Regional Military Administration commented on the situation:

“It was a direct hit on the multi-story building. State Emergency Service keeps working on clearing the rubble. One person is confirmed to have died”.


Russia urges its wounded soldiers to return to the war, says Ukrainian Intelligence.

 It is reported that the occupiers will intensify propaganda among the military. For this purpose, the military and political directorate of the Eastern Military District of the Russian Federation demands to organize a military attack by publishing a propaganda article in the “Komsomolskaya Pravda» newspaper. The publication shows staged photos depicting the joy of “liberated Ukrainians,” materials about the fakeness of the world press, and the Russians’ support for the war against Ukraine.

Russia “treats” wounded soldiers with propaganda


The speaker of the Defense Ministry reported that the Russian army had almost completed preparations for the offensive on Donbas. Therefore, it may happen soon.

“We predict that active combat operations will begin in these territories somewhere in the near future. At the same time, the Ukrainian army is ready for it,” he said.


Latest footage shows destroyed Mariupol Drama Theater.

Video: https://t.me/babel/15042


Kyiv School of Economics: Over the past week, Ukraine’s direct economic losses due to the war have increased by $12.2 billion and, as of April 11, amount to $80.4 billion or UAH 2.4 trillion (this is based only on publicly available data). According to joint estimates of the Ministry of Economy and the School, the total losses of Ukraine’s economy due to the war, taking into account both direct and indirect losses (GDP decline, labor outflow, additional defense spending), range from $564 billion to $600 billion.


Since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, 183 children have been killed and 342 injured. Ombudswoman Lyudmila Denisova told the facts about the brutal rape of children by the occupiers. According to her, Russians raped an 11-year-old boy in front of his mother in Bucha. They tied her to a chair and made her watch. Five men raped a 14-year-old girl.