Within the next 2 days, Belarus will begin the war with Ukraine on the side of the Russian Federation. The
decision was made by the leadership of Belarus, despite visible reluctance of Lukashenka.
Putin has personally pressed Lukashenka with threats on his personal security, because for Russian political leadership it has become strategically vital to open a second front in order to distract resources of Ukrainian army and prevent the latter from intercepting initiative on battle fields on a wider scale.
This desperate attempt of Putin to surround himself with supporters is made on a gloomy background of visible reluctance of other countries from the Organization of Treaty on Collective Defense (Armenia,
Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan) to join Russia in its military adventurism in Ukraine.
Controversial silence of China on the issue of military and logistic assistance, which Russia has allegedly
acquired, goes in contrast with the spirit of the existing bilateral Road Map on Military Cooperation until 2025 (signed on 23.11.2021); this should have made Russian political leadership even more nervous and ready for extreme actions to have at least someone as an official adherent.
Lukashenka has made his decision despite resistance from the members of the rank and inhabitants of the Republic. Having recognized that hereby the Belarussian people are to be inevitably thrown into a bloody massacre, the Belarussian Anti-War forces (mostly led by the political opposition of Tsikhanovskaya), have come up with the following appeal.

“No one will feel sorry for Belarusians. They have not fought anywhere; they have neither combat
experience nor clear reasons for the war. The Belarusian people will become cannon fodder on the
territory of Ukraine,” comments a reliable source in Ukrainian security agencies.
This scenario cannot be tolerated. Why should Belarusians pay for Putin and Lukashenko’s actions?
This is not our war. More than 15 thousand Russian invaders have already died in Ukraine. Putin is
afraid to send his soldiers there. Now Belarusians will fight. Don’t let Lukashenka turn Belarusians into
cannon fodder! Save your lives! Refuse to carry out criminal orders!
All Belarusian soldiers must refuse to fight in Ukraine. Let Kolya Lukashenko fight!
Belarusian mothers and wives must save their men! Do not send them to war: go to a protest, write
social media posts, talk to your friends. Do whatever you want so long as Belarusian men are not killed!
Belarusians have never been occupiers. Don’t become them now!

The call for actions anticipates to enact following mechanisms:

  1. Publication of news on Belarusian online resources and their further maximum spreading
  2. Publications in social networks (all) and forums
  3. Attracting Ukrainian opinion leaders to record video messages to Belarusians
  4. SMS messaging through the list of Belarusian telephone numbers
  5. Hacking on advertising screens in major cities and various news sites, popular online resources etc
  6. Statements of Belarusian opposition public organizations and parties.