TDC Visiting Fellow Michael C. DiCianna for the Kyiv Post: Why NATO Should Send Non-Combat Boots on the Ground and What They Could Learn

Michael C. DiCianna, a Visiting Fellow at the Transatlantic Dialogue Center, recently wrote an opinion article for the Kyiv Post.

Two years have shown that Russia’s horrific invasion will not be stopped by anything but force. Russia’s military industry has ramped up faster than the West’s, providing Russian forces with an overwhelming weight of fire.

Deploying Western troops – either as a NATO operation or, more likely, in a coalition of the willing – would provide obvious aid to Ukraine, but it would be an unparalleled opportunity for Western governments and militaries, and that bears great consideration.

Why should NATO send further military assistance to Ukrainian soil, and what useful experience can the Alliance gain from assisting Ukraine?

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The NATO and Ukrainian flag are pictured in Vilnius, Lithuania on July 9, 2023, a few days ahead of a July 11-12 NATO Summit. (Photo by PETRAS MALUKAS / AFP)