Discussion with Razom: “Ukrainian Voices in Washington. Effective Advocacy Methods”

On June 21, the Transatlantic Dialogue Centre was thrilled to host one more productive discussion panel, to which Ukrainian NGOs, media representatives, students, and professors were invited.

Crucial issues were shared by the invited speakers from the Razom for Ukraine team:

  • Mykola Murskyj, Director of Advocacy;
  • Greg Kulchyckyj, Associate Director of Government Affairs and Strategy;
  • Doug Klain, Policy Analyst.

The focus was on identifying effective advocacy methods to be implemented by Ukrainian Voices in Washington, leading to the key conclusions:

  1. The American perspective on Ukraine isn’t about taking sides; it’s about finding practical ways to support Ukraine in changing the narrative from “that’s happening there” to “that’s what Russia is doing to us.” 
  2. Confidence grows, especially as the polls depict the realitynone of the Republicans voting for the Ukraine aid package have been politically affected. Moreover, they won their primary elections.
  3. The longer the war, the shorter the attention span of many US Congress members. This prompts the inevitable evolution of advocacy methods, which has already occurred. It’s crucial to stay informed and adapt to the latest trends in order to make a positive impact.
The event recording is available at this link: