TDC Round-Table: Advocacy strategy reframe

Thursday the 20th has been highlighted by the advocacy strategy reframe that took place during the round-table discussion between the Ukrainian think tanks such as Chemonics International, Center for Defence Strategies, Detector Media, Center for Economic Strategy and our partners from “Razom for Ukraine,” represented by Greg Kulchyckyj and Doug Klain.

What we were talking about ?

“One piece of information is a game changer”.

But which kind of piece and delivered to whom?

Here are some key points stemming from the discussion:

  1. The impact of religious communication, notably between the Ukrainian Council of Churches and American Protestants, has shown promising results in promoting better understanding between the two communities, especially when highlighted by local media.
  2. The importance of sharing firsthand information about the situation on the ground in Ukraine, including accounts of severe issues such as over 19,000 child abductions, to American audience.
  3. The effectiveness of direct interactions, such as visits by Americans to Ukraine or Ukrainian war veterans to the U.S., in addressing skepticism previously encountered with documentary campaigns.

These are just a few of the topics that sparked a lively and ongoing discussion.

Stay tuned for more updates and future events from the Transatlantic Dialogue Centre.