TDC lectures for UCEMA students: Exploring Fake News and Russian Propaganda

UCEMA University recently hosted a series of lectures organized by TDC experts on “Fake News: Channels, Disinformation and Narratives in Russia’s War Against Ukraine”. These lectures were aimed at raising students’ awareness of the peculiarities of the spread of Russian propaganda and its influence in the Latin American region.

During the first presentation, TDC experts spoke about the key narratives spread by Russia and emphasized the need to combat Russian propaganda. They presented concrete examples of debunking propaganda narratives, giving students the opportunity to learn effective methods of countering disinformation. The students had a unique opportunity to ask questions to TDC analysts, which contributed to a lively discussion and a deeper understanding of the issues.

In the second presentation, TDC analysts provided an overview of the situation in Ukraine as a result of the Russian invasion. They highlighted the key challenges facing Ukraine, demonstrating the consequences of Russia’s actions. Particular attention was paid to the issue of deportation of Ukrainian children to Russia, which aroused particular interest among the audience.

These lectures have become an important platform for disseminating knowledge about information warfare and its real consequences. UCEMA students gained valuable knowledge and skills necessary for critical analysis of information and countering disinformation in the modern world.

TDC is implementing the project with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation.