Economic Dialogue: TDC analysts discuss cooperation with Reconquista entrepreneurs

An important meeting of TDC analysts with local entrepreneurs took place in Reconquista, Santa Fe Province. The event started with a presentation on the current situation in Ukraine as a result of the Russian invasion, which was made by TDC representatives together with Daniel Villalón, Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic in Cordoba, Santa Fe and Corrientes. Participants received detailed information about the current situation in Ukraine, as well as the challenges the country faces in terms of energy and food security. This issue aroused great interest among the participants, as cooperation in these areas could be an important step in strengthening bilateral relations between Ukraine and Argentina.

The meeting also included an important discussion with the Northern Santa Fe Chamber of Foreign Trade. Possible mechanisms for cooperation and establishing contacts between Ukrainian and Argentine entrepreneurs were discussed. The parties expressed their readiness for active cooperation, which could become an important impetus for the development of economic ties between the two countries

TDC is implementing the project with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation.