TDC joined the Recovery Window Network to Examine Ukraine’s Reconstruction

On April 10, 2024, the Transatlantic Dialogue Center joined the Recovery Window Network (Ukr: Вікно Відновлення) to strengthen the discourse on rebuilding Ukraine and contribute to monitoring and transparent coverage of all aspects of Ukraine’s recovery.

Recovery Window is an association of independent media, civil society organizations, and think tanks. Together, they report on the recovery of all affected regions on a single platform. More than 50 media outlets, 20 civil society organizations, and think tanks have already become partners of this network.

In our previous work, the Transatlantic Dialogue Center has touched upon the issues of reconstruction. In particular, we conducted a survey of the Ukrainian public’s views on the future reconstruction of Ukraine. Its results became a basis for further research and a set of recommendations for the public sector, businesses, and foreign governments provided in the work called “Supporting Sustainable Reconstruction in Ukraine.”

Transatlantic Dialogue Center is committed to supporting the recovery of Ukraine’s communities affected by the military action of the Russian troops through the conduction of quality research and strengthening the discourse on Ukraine’s reconstruction among our local and international partners.

Our organization aligns with the goals of the Recovery Window Network, which are:

  • To network with journalists, experts, and community leaders. To create synergy for qualitative changes.
  • To control the processes and expose corruption, analyze expenses, and conduct investigations.
  • To explain the complex in simple terms, conduct research, and turn expert knowledge into a clear action plan.
  • To tell local stories and highlight the problems of both individuals and entire regions.
  • To strengthen the discourse of recovery. Emphasize the importance of powerful change. Provide opportunities for people and organizations that create them.

All the network’s materials are available on a single platform, a separate aggregator site, which we encourage you to visit. The Transatlantic Dialogue Center is delighted to become the network’s partner and share its expertise.