Handbook Release: Why Support of Ukraine Is Vital For the US

In the midst of ongoing discussions about potential reductions in U.S. support for Ukraine, the Transatlantic Dialogue Center has taken a decisive step by crafting a dedicated handbook. This essential resource offers a concise yet comprehensive exploration of the multifaceted advantages that the United States accrues through unwavering assistance to Ukraine.

Covering military, geopolitical, economic, and social dimensions, the handbook serves as a valuable tool for policymakers and citizens alike, illustrating how continued support seamlessly aligns with America’s enduring strategic interests. While there are myriad benefits not exhaustively detailed in the handbook, our concise summaries highlight key advantages.

Supporting Ukraine isn’t just about geopolitics—it’s a clear demonstration of the United States’ commitment to global leadership and the promotion of democratic ideals. As the debate evolves, this handbook serves as a timely and indispensable resource for those shaping the future of U.S. assistance to Ukraine.

Find the full text of the handbook on our website.