Ukraine’s 10-year Transformation Handbook Presented

While the West has largely backed Ukraine against Russian aggression, Ukraine’s alignment with Western standards of governance and its capacity for genuine reform are considered questionable by some actors.

To address these doubts Transatlantic Dialogue Center has compiled a handbook devoted to Ukraine’s transformational journey since 2014. It provides a comprehensive overview of Ukraine’s major governance reforms and achievements over the past ten years, spanning areas like anti-corruption, decentralization, digitalization, civil society development, and military modernization.

Ukraine’s post-2014 journey is not merely a tale of conflict and territorial losses; it is also one of economic revival, democratic consolidation, and persistent efforts to align with European standards of governance. Despite Russia’s aggressive actions, coupled with a concerted misinformation campaign, that sought to discredit Ukraine’s successes, the country embarked on an ambitious path of reform.

In the course of this transformation, Ukraine established key anti-corruption institutions, strengthened oversight mechanisms, and enhanced transparency in governmental operations. Furthermore, it transferred the authority and resources to local units, revitalizing local governance and undermining the corrupt oligarchic structures that once dominated its regional spheres.

By understanding Ukraine’s journey, we gain insights not only into the nation’s past and present but also its promising future within the broader European community.

Find the full text of the handbook on our website.