Radio Ukraine International: Chinese-Ukrainian relations Evolution explained

Maksym Skrypchenko, President of the Transatlantic Dialogue Center, became a guest in the studio of the Radio Ukraine International ‘International Dialogue’ Program.

The episode was devoted to the evolution of Chinese-Ukrainian relations since Ukraine’s independence and after the full-scale war with Russia.

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine China’s position has been ambivalent. On the one hand, it has blamed the enlargement of NATO, which Russia has stated as a reason for starting the war. On the other hand, it has stressed respect for Ukraine’s territorial integrity. China has not condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine and has abstained during United Nations votes on the war in Ukraine. In the studio, China’s policies and actions were discussed. Mr. Skrypchenko gave some insights into Chinese politics and plans for the future of this country and its relations with the world.

Feel free to find the first part of the conversation at the International Dialogue