Maksym Skrypchenko for The Carnegie Endowment: Ukraine’s Delicate Balancing Act With China

Maksym Skrypchenko, President of the Transatlantic Dialogue Center, recently wrote an opinion article for the The Carnegie Endowment.

In this article, he overviews the current stage of Ukraine-China relations and reasons behind Zelenskyi’s will to promote direct dialogue with Chinese authorities. He points out several benefits of closer engagement with Beijing, including the potential increase of the Global South’s solidarity with Ukraine and China’s role in the post-war reconstruction. Besides, the Chinese market will continue to hold great importance for Ukraine. He highlights that Beijing was the largest pre-war trading partner. 

However, he emphasizes the main difficulties of managing relations with China, which come from value differences. Ukraine must find a delicate balance between accumulating China’s support and pursuing its own interests.

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