Handbook Russia’s Full-Scale Invasion of Ukraine: One Year

Transatlantic Dialogue Center presents “Russia’s Full-Scale Invasion of Ukraine: One Year” handbook – a concise guide that provides essential information on the invasion’s context and aftermath.

It contains data on the number of refugees displaced by the conflict and the economic downturn brought on by the conflict. The handbook also emphasizes Russia’s missile attacks on civilian targets and the resulting civilian casualties, including children. The handbook provides a map-based overview of the de-occupation process and its development over the past year. 

It compares Russia’s losses to those of other wars it has fought and discusses the international community’s response, which includes European economic sanctions, American land lease, and other forms of military and financial aid. 

This handbook provides an informative and concise summary of the events surrounding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and its aftermath. It is an indispensable resource for anyone wishing to comprehend the conflict’s impact on Ukraine and the international community.

12 MB