Ukrainian Women and War: collection of testimonies

On Wednesday the 7th, TDC team has welcomed an important guest for an interview on their experience and vision of the ongoing war.

Famous Argentinian journalist Carolina Amoroso came to Ukraine to collect the testimonies of local women and write a book on their experience and vision on the war in Ukraine.

Ms. Aliona Verbytska, Advisor to the President of Ukraine and Ombudswoman for the Rights of Defenders of Ukraine was among those who joined to share her perspective.

Ms. Aliona Verbytska, a servicewoman and jurist, she became a volunteer in 2014 and since then was assisting military men to protect their rights. Since the beginning of Russian aggression, she’s lost many of her fellow friends and colleagues. She confesses that, since then, dedicated her life to the state service.

Ms. Verbytska emphasized the number of valuations of humanitarian law since the beginning of the full-scale invasion and claimed that this war became a modern example for the international community showing what International Conventions are not working. “Rules are written with human blood”, she says.