Ukraine affairs: briefing for the Congressional staff in Texas

Houston, Texas: With the assistance of the Consulate General of Ukraine, Maksym Skrypchenko held meetings with the staff of senators and congressmen from the state of Texas to brief them on the latest events in Ukraine.

Jason Fuller, Regional Director of Senator Ted Cruz, Jay Guerrero, Regional Director of John Cornyn, and John McCarth, a regional office staff member of Dan Crenshaw, came to discuss the relevant issues and challenges Ukraine meets during the last months of war and possible ways to de-escalation. The conversation tackled a wide circle of questions such as nuclear threats from Russia, the scenarios of possible attack and its repercussions; the situation on the frontline and reciprocal defense procurement agreement; the humanitarian situation and war crimes against the Ukrainian civilians on occupied territories; the special tribunal on Russian political and military leadership for the crime of aggression in Ukraine.

We value the united actions of our American partners in the cause of supporting Ukraine and looking forward to continuation of our cooperation.