TDC meets Marcus Faber on his trip around Ukraine

Maksym Skrypchenko, Inna Sovsun, Marcus Faber and Iuliia Osmolovska in the TDC Headquarters

Transatlantic Dialogue Center team was honored to meet with Marcus Faber, Bundestag member and bright German politician, during his extensive trip around Ukraine.

We had an impressive discussion about German financial and military assistance to Ukraine as well as the efficiency of Western weapons provided by both guests and hosts with valuable insight into the bilateral cooperation, happening amidst war in Ukraine.

The unwavering commitment of German officials and the public to supporting Ukrainians in the darkest times of its modern history is astonishing.

On our side, we make the same commitment to disseminating objective information about the current situation of the unprovoked war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine.

Marcus Faber on his visits to Kyiv, Kharkiv and Kramatorsk