Investments in Ukraine: Post-War Opportunities

The world has experienced many examples of post-war reconstruction.  Since the end of World War II there have been over 30 major wars and about 250 military conflicts, involving at least 60 countries all over the world. 

Each war conflict is unique as our situation is. It goes without saying that such factors as the level of economic development, availability of established state institutions and authorities, high-quality industrial processes, stability in both social and financial spheres make Ukraine greatly different from Iraq, Angola or Afghanistan. Both European and Asian countries had their own way of reconstruction. As a result nowadays we see that Italy, Japan, Germany and South Korea are among the strongest economies in the world. 

Countries by GDP (source: United Nations)

Country Nominal GDP (trillion)GDP Per Capita
Italy $1.89$31,714
South Korea$1.64$31,631
Ukraine (before the invasion)$0.15$12,337

Ukraine should definitely consider these countries’ strategies and create something unique for its own. First of all,  there should be a large-scale plan to restore our economy. A great amount of money will be poured into different spheres, thus creating many opportunities for home and international business.

  1. Agricultural sector. Ukraine accounts for 12% of the world export of wheat, 16% of corn, and 50% of oil. According to the head of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, because of the war in  our country, food exports can fall by about 20-30 million tonnes. In fact, it is a huge amount and about 400 million people can experience food shortages. Obviously, great investments can help Ukraine supply more countries and regions with high-quality agricultural products.
  2. Energy sector.  Large-scale sanctions against Russia have radically changed power prices in the world.  The positive moment consists in an opportunity for Ukraine to become a large center for “green transition” technologies. Of course, in the near future, some countries will still heavily rely on fossil fuels – such as coal – to meet their urgent needs. However, fossil fuel prices have risen relative to the cost of renewable energy, making investments in green sources more attractive. Moreover, as energy security issues are now at the forefront of the political agenda in Ukraine, there are calls for more extensive usage of environmentally friendly sources.
  3. Rediscovering. Europe and the whole world have actually rediscovered Ukraine. For ordinary Belgian or ordinary American people, Ukraine used to be a country in Europe similar to Afghanistan. Now, people see that the Ukrainian army as well as Ukrainian society is a game-changer. Ukraine is a truly independent nation that fights for European values. This, of course, completely changes the attitude towards Ukraine and Ukrainians.

Last but not least is the fact that after this war Ukraine will have a chance to become a new East European tiger. Before the RF invasion, Ukraine was the country of missed opportunities: the first Maidan, the second Maidan, etc. There were a lot of missed opportunities and wasted chances. Now it is time to take our chances which were paid in blood and pain of Ukrainian defenders and civilian people. This is an opportunity not to be missed. Thus, our partners’ assistance should be used wisely to help us build a strong and unique country.