Ukraine is a valuable ally

In recent years, Ukraine could not get rid of a position of a “grey zone” between the West and Russia. However, the Russian invasion has launched a scope of political and societal processes, entailing fundamental shifts in multiple lines of policy, particularly making it clear that the West should consider the prospects of close partnership and an alliance with Ukraine.

  • Ideology

By trying to keep Ukraine within its sphere of influence, imposing its values, and doing whatever it takes to prevent Ukrainian rapprochement with the West, Russia achieved the exact opposite result. The Ukrainian people have solidified their reluctance toward the values and culture which are so fiercely propagated as a part of the so-called “Russian World” and once again reaffirmed their aspiration for the pro-western course of policy and western way of life.

Currently, there are not any doubts about the Ukrainian adherence to freedom and democratic values proclaimed by the West, as well as its readiness to exert all possible efforts to stand for them, which is an invaluable foundation for being a part of the civilized world.

  • Military capacity

Due to the Russian aggression, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have gained unique combat experience as well as demonstrated their ability to efficiently apply the weapons and equipment provided by their international partners.

If continued and enhanced, current military procurements and defense cooperation between Ukraine and its western counterparts will result in fruitful partnership for the sake of the maintenance of a sustainable international environment, and Ukraine will have an opportunity to make its prominent contribution to the regional security system, an indispensable part of which it has proved to be.

  • Geopolitical factor

Against the backdrop of geopolitical tensions, which the world finds itself facing in the light of the growing potential of such actors as China, the presence of a perpetrator of world order like Russia does not comply with the interests of the western powers. If Russia succeeds in Ukraine, it is most likely to continue to assert its interests in the global arena fostering instability and chaos.

It is evident from the hostilities observed during the Russian-Ukrainian war that with a certain degree of international engagement and assistance, Ukraine is able to oppose Russia successfully, thus deterring its growing ambitions and facilitating the West in its struggle.

To conclude, the West has to realize that Ukraine has the potential of becoming a valuable ally with a shared ideology, powerful military, and common interests in the international arena. The more assistance Ukraine is to receive and the more developed it manages to become, the more devoted and effective it will be in the future.