Address by President Volodymyr Zelensky, April 13 11:00 P.M.

Either Russia will really seek peace, or it will leave the international arena forever as a result of this war – address by the President of Ukraine

Indomitable people of the bravest country!

Today was a useful day for our state, for our defense against the Russian offensive. The presidents of four states – friends of Ukraine – arrived in Kyiv. Those who help us from the first days. Who did not hesitate to give us weapons. Who did not doubt whether to impose sanctions. And who is now at the level of the European Union pushing for a tougher sanctions package against the Russian Federation. Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. I was very glad to meet with the presidents today. The negotiations were fruitful.

It is important that the presidents visited Borodyanka in the Kyiv region, where they saw with their own eyes what the occupiers had done. For the presidents, this is another argument to push harder for tangible sanctions against Russia.

First of all, we need an oil embargo. And Europe’s clear readiness to give up all Russian energy. The European Union must stop sponsoring Russia’s military machine.

Western sanctions policy was also discussed today by a group of international experts led by Michael McFaul and Andriy Yermak. The group has been working for three weeks. It consists of international and Ukrainian experts who assess the sanctions imposed and how Russia is trying to circumvent them.

The group has prepared concrete proposals on how to remove sanctions loopholes, which are constantly used by Russia, and how to immediately enhance sanctions to make it tangible for Moscow.

I spoke today with US President Biden. The topics of the conversation included the prosecution of all Russian servicemen and commanders who committed war crimes. International cooperation for this. A new package of defensive support for Ukraine was discussed. The agreement was reached. $ 800 million. Weapons, ammunition, other assistance. Artillery systems, armored personnel carriers, helicopters. Sincere gratitude for your support! We also agreed to enhance sanctions against Russia.

I addressed the Parliament and the people of Estonia. Expressed gratitude for the help provided to Ukraine, including weapons. I also called on Estonia to join the project of Ukraine’s reconstruction after the war.

We are already cooperating with Estonia in the field of digitization. And after the war it could become an even bigger project. On restoration of government and business digital systems, on cybersecurity. On restoration of the relevant educational institutions.

Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court Karim Khan visited Bucha. It is right that a group of forensic experts from the International Criminal Court will start working in the city. Responsibility for the Russian military for war crimes is inevitable. We will drag them all to the tribunal. And not only for what was done in Bucha.

In general, in the north of our country, in the liberated areas, mine clearance continues. The occupiers left tens of thousands of unexploded shells, mines and tripwire mines – a lot of everything. Therefore, everyone who wants to return home to the liberated territory should be as careful as possible, as attentive as possible. And immediately inform the police and rescuers in case you find a strange object, an explosive object.

Combat reports for today do not differ significantly from previous ones. Russian troops are stepping up activity in the eastern and southern directions. They are trying to retaliate for their defeats. Rocket bombings and artillery strikes continue. New columns of equipment are being brought in. They are looking for reserves. They are trying to recruit residents of the south of our country – that is, from these temporarily occupied areas in addition to the so-called mobilization in certain districts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

All this feverish activity of the occupiers testifies first of all to their insecurity. To the fact that even with significant stocks of Soviet military equipment and a significant number of soldiers, whom the commanders do not spare at all, the Russian troops doubt their ability to break us, to break Ukraine. Well, we do everything to justify their doubts.

And I am grateful to all our defenders who hold positions and teach Russian soldiers to think that this war against Ukraine can only end in Russia’s strategic defeat – sooner or later.

Either the Russian leadership will really seek peace, or as a result of this war, Russia will leave the international arena forever.

And before delivering this address, as always, I signed decrees to award our defenders. 270 servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were awarded state awards, 7 of them posthumously. 11 employees of the State Protection Department were also awarded.

Another decree awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine to 2 servicemen of our Armed Forces. Posthumously.

Eternal memory to all who gave their lives for Ukraine!

Eternal glory to everyone who protects the people and protects our state!

Glory to Ukraine!