Helping Ukraine is a positive trend

Helping Ukraine is a positive trend

Since the beginning of the Russo-Ukrainian war over a month ago, the western powers have provided Ukraine with invaluable economic and military support. In the light of agreeing upon the next package of sanctions against the aggressor and negotiations about further procurement of equipment and weapons for the Ukrainian army, we can see that helping Ukraine becomes a positive trend that the civilized world starts to follow. The major reasons for the creation of such a tendency include but are not limited to the following.

  •  Ukraine is fighting for democratic values and freedom.

One year ago American President Joe Biden stated that the world is currently facing the battle between democracies and autocracies. It was Ukraine that became the first literal battlefield of this confrontation. And it is Ukraine that has been providing the most evident proof of its determination to fight for its freedom and democracy.

Ukraine’s failure would not only imply the loss of a strategic partner and ally but also demonstrate the inability of the West to protect the values it proclaims, therefore undermining its struggle on the ideological front.

  •  Putin will not stop if he gets what he wants in Ukraine.

Russians understand that their actions are violating the world order that was established three decades ago, and consciously try to alter it to satisfy their revisionist aspirations. Opinion polls among the Russian population show the highest levels of support for the actions of their government over the past five years, particularly with regard to the war in Ukraine. Similarly, ordinary Russians rapidly catch up with the propagandist slogans about the “threats” to Russian national security and the necessity to defend against NATO, admitting that there could be a need for a preventive strike at European countries.

Unless Putin sees a decisive response to his crimes, he will consider it as a weakness of the western powers, and it won’t be long until the Russians find another justification for invading the Baltic states or Poland.

  •   Western leaders supporting Ukraine get reputational bonuses

Current media coverage of atrocities carried out by Russian soldiers entails a strong sympathy for Ukrainians among the population of most western countries. Opposite to those in Russia, the recent public polls held around Europe and US have shown an unseen level of support for Ukraine, and confidence in its President Zelensky is expressed by seven out of ten Americans. In such a situation, all actions directed at assisting Ukraine in its struggle will result in growing public approval.