Abyss of humanity. The worst thing is that they do not recognize the horror they commit.

Russians are not just waging the war on the territory of Ukraine, they are shooting peaceful citizens, deliberately mutilating people and little kids, robbing, torturing, and raping them just to entertain themselves.   

Recently, a story of a 33-years old woman has gained wide publicity. Russians took turns raping her for several hours after having shot her husband – all in front of her 6-year-old son. 

At the same time, it is not the only story of horrors done by Russians in Ukraine. Many of them will never be heard, because victims with broken souls won’t tell them, or, will not be able to tell them because they are dead. Unfortunately, Russians maim everyone – there are numerous stories about teen girls, young women, pregnant and elderly women being raped. Those are short but painful stories where every word hurts.

12- and 13-year-old girls are brought from Bucha. They are from different families, but they have the same awful stories. Orcs had shot their parents dead before their eyes. After that they raped these kids…” Children in the hospital are torn by those beasts. Injured, now orphans, they have their bodies ripped apart and psyche destroyed.”

In a besieged Mariupol, Russian soldiers took turns raping a young woman for several days. A woman died of wounds which were incompatible with life. Her 6-year-old son’s hair turned grey from all the stress he had been under.”, Ministry of Defense of Ukraine informs.

We hear many stories from conversations of Russian soldiers with their relatives that are intercepted by the SSU.

One Russian soldier said “Yes, here in the neighboring village our fellas just went and raped a woman and a 16-years old girl.”

Another soldier said that they had recently eaten an Alabay dog just because they had wanted some meat, though there still had been field rations.

These soldiers do not show a slightest sign of humanity. In many cities that are now liberated from Russian occupation, Russians mined houses and even kids playgrounds. They are bringing death and violence wherever they go, they rip the earrings out so the ears are bleeding, they steal and they torture. Many people they held as slaves or suspected of helping others were found strangled and tortured to death in the liberated towns.

It strikes to see that all these atrocities and rape do not provoke any reaction from Russians – they take it easy.   

Another intercepted conversation goes as follows:

“-There is a lot of mess going on there.

-Is it from our side?

-Yes, from our side. Our tankers, three of them, raped a 14-year-old and her mother. Actually, in the time of war, there are different laws under which they should be… how to say…executed. And no one said a thing. Well, the brigade commander treated them humanely…There are many cases like that.”

Moreover, peaceful citizens of Russia often respond to that inadequately. One famous Russian blogger “Elvina” who is producing a lot of hateful content against Ukrainians, mocks these sexual assaults in her account in the following way:

Khokhols have a new scheme, they go around the Internet saying that “Russian soldiers are raping our 17-year-old girls!” Hah, well, first of all, it is permitted by law from the age of 16 years. Second, Russian women are f*cking the most beautiful women in the world, and the military are in a great demand among these women. Our girls love the military. The servicemen are just peeling them off from themselves, because there are plenty of beautiful Russian girls who want them. Do you really think they need your fucking khokhlushky? They are f*cking pigs who were f*cked backwards and forwards, a walking piece of salo and vulgarity, and venereal diseases. They are either fucking picking up strawberry in Poland or fucking in the Arab Emirates. It is sickening even to touch a woman like that, all of them are a venereal bouquet. Who needs them?

That’s what Russians say about Ukrainian victims. And we feed Russian prisoners of war three times per day and give them clothes when thousands of Ukrainians are sitting in the basements blocked by Russian invaders without water, food and medicine.