Review of the latest Russian fakes

Fake: Ukraine seriously looking into using biological weapons against Donbas, Russia population. Specific officials have been identified, who took part in creating biological weapons components in Ukraine – these are department chiefs and staffers of the Pentagon and its main contractors.

The Russian defense ministry is now singing their same old song of biological weapons. The fakes with combat-capable geese and mosquitoes have fallen into oblivion so Russian defense spox Konashenkov now announced Kyiv’s plans to spray biological agents from drones. According to the official, the “facts” revealed prove that Ukraine looked into the possibility of using biological weapons against the population of the “Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics” and Russia. Russia went on to claim that they are even aware of who exactly participated in creating bioweapons – it’s the employees of the U.S. Department of Defense, they say. Well, America is traditionally blame for everything, so there’s nothing unusual here. Moreover, Russia believes it’s not with Ukraine that it’s at war with but with the United States – that’s according to the Kremlin propaganda logic. Unfortunately though, it’s peaceful Ukrainians who are suffering and dying in this war. Russia’s defense agency claims that it was the Pentagon and its contractors who had been creating bioweapons in Ukraine. For greater effect on domestic audiences, they even mentioned a big name allegedly involved in the process. They claim it was Hunter Biden, the son of the U.S. President. That’s per Comrade Konashenkov. However, he immediately clarified that, as a result of Russia’s ‘special military operation,’ such research in some of the Ukrainian biological laboratories had been halted. That’s as if to claim that Russia gained yet another “victory” in Ukraine! So what Russia has been doing, essentially, is coming up with some myth, then victoriously resolving the pressing issue. Meanwhile, their propaganda’s target audience – the Russian population – has to tremble in fear at the very thought of Ukraine possibly using biological weapons against them. This is set to further strengthen their faith in the rightness of war being waged against Ukraine.

The thing is, though, that there are no bioweapon labs in Ukraine, which would be a source of any threat to Russia. That’s according to the relevant conclusions by international experts. Firstly, Ukraine has no labs with level 4 biohazard safety. The latter are the world’s most protected laboratories in which the most dangerous pathogens, for example, the latest samples of smallpox, could be developed and stored.

And secondly, many pathogens researched in lower safety level laboratories are vulnerable to heat and light. This means they are unlikely to be able to be taken anywhere far from these labs, which by the way have special precautionary measures in place just in case such situations arise. That’s according to Time magazine. But the Russians usually tend to believe Russian sources exclusively. So they are now poised to be terrified at the thought of not only Ukrainian war geese, mosquitoes, or reptiles, but also Ukrainian drones directly set to kill exclusively Russians and residents of the “DPR.” You can’t think of anything more ridiculous, but oh well!