Review of the latest Russian fakes

Fake: Russia is drafting a peace treaty that would end war

Plenty of Telegram channels, usually anonymous, try to convince their audiences that Russia is already preparing to sign a peace treaty that could end the war. What a twist! How can there be a peace treaty if Russia claims it never started a war in the first place, only launching a “special military operation to liberate and de-Nazify Ukraine?”

In fact, this is another blatant lie. Russia isn’t going to achieve peace from Ukraine just yet so no arrangement can be signed unilaterally. Indeed, very difficult negotiations are underway between Ukraine and Russia, and they are aimed mainly at allowing civilians flee the hot spots and organizing humanitarian corridors. No preliminary agreements have been reached on a peace deal because Ukraine does not want and will never agree to Russian ultimatums. Peace would mean an immediate ceasefire and withdrawal of foreign troops from the territory of Ukraine. It is clear that it’s Russian soldiers who are foreign troops in this case, and not vice versa. There is nothing to prove here. But peace isn’t just about signing an agreement, but a specific mechanism that guarantees national security in the future. And the position of Ukraine in negotiations with Russia on the occupied territories remains unchanged – the country’s borders cannot be altered. Russia’s stance is completely different because the Kremlin wants to combine the imaginary “liberation” with the actual seizure of new territories of an independent state. This is a war, this is a catastrophe, and Russia has no chance of proving that anyone is to blame for this massive disaster but itself.

Fake: Britain ready to help Ukraine gain nuclear weapons

Russia’s infamous phone pranksters are at it, again. The prank attempt doesn’t seem funny at all, especially given the way it is being presented – through manipulation.

Allegedly, the Vovan and Lexus duo, who had earlier claimed to have played pranks on many international officials and public figures, this time targeted British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, posing as Prime Minister of Ukraine, Denys Shmyhal in a phone call. Russian media now claim they played Wallace into admitting that Brits are ready to help Ukraine get nuclear arms. The Komsomolskaya Pravda,, TASS, NTV, and other Russian media outlets are now reporting just that. But none of that is true, and neither is the prank funny in any way. The heavily doctored pieces of the recording were assembled to fit the narrative, sought by the duo’s Kremlin supervisors. In the full version of the recording, however, the British defense chief outwardly denied any possibility of providing such assistance to the war-torn country. In response to questions posed by Russian pranksters, Wallace recalled the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. The full version of the recording contains the relevant commentary by Ben Wallace, which was deliberately divided into two parts and inserted at different points in the interview. Therefore, viewers were unable to hear the part of the comment where the British Defense Secretary completely rules out assistance in the acquisition of nuclear weapons by Ukraine. The UK has taken a clear pro-Ukrainian stance, indeed. And of course Russians are mad about it. Russians might be joking so far, but any poor joke may end in tears. After all, the average Russians are already facing not too bright of a prospect for their future as the process of “de-Russification” of global economy and relations has been launched – all due to Russia’s atrocious act. And this is definitely not a prank.

Fake: U.S. President Biden admits Russia’s Kinzhal hypersonic missiles terrify him

The Russians are spitting out reports that Joe Biden is allegedly concerned about Russia’s Kinzhal (Dagger) hypersonic missiles. They go on to claim that he suggests the U.S. Army is incapable of downing them. Can you believe that? Well, the Russians do seem to believe the spin as the nation has grown used to boasting of the “best, advanced, and incomparable” weaponry that no one can resist. Also, a month ago, the Russians broke peace for Ukrainians, moving into their territories to destroy their homes and pretty much to annihilate the nation. Well, the latter is true, indeed. It’s also true that the level of social confusion and disorientation has reached historical highs. To believe in a lie, Russians only need to hear it from a familiar and supposedly verified source. So this report isn’t news, it’s yet another twisted lie circulated by Russian propaganda. After all, in fact, Biden said that the use of Kinzhal missiles is a sign that Putin has been cornered amid the apparent lack of success of the Russian army in Ukraine. He also said that these missiles are not fundamentally different from the ones already known to allies, except that they are difficult to shoot down using air defense systems. And this is the truth. Indeed, Russia could use the Kinzhal in order to flex muscles in NATO’s face, claiming that the nation is ready for anything. But Kinzhal missiles are more of a marketing gimmick than next-generation technology. This is due to the fact that Russia simply can’t afford mass production of modern aircraft, such as Su-57 fighters or tanks such as the T-14 Armata, without the participation of foreign companies. By the way, experts believe that the use of such weapons may indicate that the Russian troops are running out of other types of weapons. So much for creating an image of an invincible force…