“Paradise” in Russian-occupied territories

Today, one of the key focuses of Russian propaganda efforts is a delivering misinformation, to both the Russian citizens and the Western community, claiming that there’s perfect order in the territories of Ukraine captured by the Russian army, that the locals are happy with the new reality and that their life is now better than before. In simple words, it is claimed that the Russian army brings “paradise” wherever it seizes control.

However, it doesn’t take to be a major analyst or political pundit to understand what’s really happening in towns that the Russians have captured. It would be enough to monitor plenty of operating Telegram channels and see photos and videos confirming that the locals are fiercely protesting the invaders  and their “Russian world” they are desperately trying to impose on Ukrainians.

In Kherson, where Russia sought to create the so-called “Kherson People’s Republic”, thousands came out for a rally in the city center. Nearly 400 were detained. In addition, Russians brought groups of people from the occupied Crimea to pose as locals and rally in support of Russian authorities and capitulation to the occupiers.



In another city, Melitopol (Zaporizhia region), the invaders are driving around city streets and warning residents through loudspeakers against holding rallies, but this apparently doesn’t stop Ukrainians. On March 11, Mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov, was abducted by the invaders.


In Russian-occupied Berdiansk, thousands of Ukrainians marched the city streets, chanting “Berdiansk is Ukraine.”


Oleksandr Yakovlev, Mayor of Skadovsk (Kherson region) and his Deputy Yuriy Paliukh were abducted by the Russian military. At the rally, people were chanting “Bring our mayor back,” “Mayor!” and “Skadovsk is Ukraine.”


Russian invaders also abducted Yevhen Matveiev, Mayor of Dneprorudnyi (Zaporizhia region). All this is being done to force city heads to cooperate with the “Russian world”, but the Ukrainians are not giving up, standing strong.

And here is the response the Ukrainians delivered to the delivery of “humanitarian aid” by the Russian occupiers:

All these photos, the abductions of city mayors, and detention of protesters are proof that the soldiers of Putin’s army are coercing peaceful citizens to the Russian “paradise”. Stories claiming that the Ukrainians are embracing the Russian army, welcoming them with “bread and salt” is nothing but cheap Kremlin propaganda.

The Russian tricolor is not welcome anywhere on the Ukrainian soil.