Address by the Minister of Defense of Ukraine | March, 08

Today I am addressing not only the leaders of the free world. But also to people all over the world.Two weeks ago, the world changed. Everything has changed, although not everyone realizes it yet.Russia has explicitly attacked Ukraine. Eight years ago in Crimea and in Donbass they said “we are not here”. Now the Kremlin is demonstratively waging war against my people. This is happening in the heart of Europe. Rockets fly hundreds of kilometres. And peaceful cities are impressive. Today they are our cities. Tomorrow it can be anyone’s. Yours.No warnings, attempts at dialogue or concerns had any influence. No international rules and mechanisms.The Kremlin couldn’t care less about your attempts to communicate. It is not concerned with the UN, PACE or any other institution, where you are attempting to keep its presence. Russian soldiers behave like terrorists and cowards.During 11 days Russian occupants have ruined more than 200 Ukrainian schools, 34 hospitals, more than 1500 residential buildings. It has already been recorded that 38 Ukrainian children were killed by the Russian military, more than 70 are wounded. In total, data on more than 400 civilians killed and more than 800 wounded are confirmed. These data are definitely incomplete. After all, the enemy staged a real act of genocide against Ukraine. In Mariupol alone, 400,000 Ukrainians have been taken hostage. They are constantly shelled by aircraft, jet artillery, and missiles.Russian invaders fire on humanitarian corridors through which civilians are trying to escape. They kill those they promised to let go. They kill those who try to save terrorist hostages from injury or starvation. These are war crimes. This is such a terrible grief for Ukraine. And still, let me remind you that Russian soldiers kill residents of a European country.Where are your values and ideals? Where is the work of international organizations that costs billions of dollars? Where are the UN, International Red Cross, OSCE?They hid.I bring to your attention that about 10 000 students from other countries in Ukraine are targets of putin’s terrorists today. Over 2 000 of them have been taken hostage by Russian soldiers already. Many of them are from India, China, Turkey, and the Persian Gulf countries.Young people are staying in the cities blocked by the Russian military – i.e. Chernihiv, Sumy, Kherson, Mariupol. Russians shell these cities. They are actually at war with the whole world. Even with those who try to stay neutral. That will not work. Evil does not act selectively.Let me remind you that Ukraine was and is home to representatives of more than 100 nations. We have always lived in peace. We have many mixed marriages in which beautiful children were born. And these children are now being killed by the occupiers.The occupiers are holding journalists hostage: it is currently known about British citizens in the town of Stoyanka-2. The group was fired upon and another journalist, a British citizen, was wounded. The journalist, a citizen of Switzerland, was shot and robbed by occupiers in the Mykolaiv region. Unfortunately, you still allow the occupiers to do that.Today I want to tell you one thing – do not be afraid. Do not be afraid! Just like we are not afraid.In 11 days, Ukraine debunked the myth of Russia’s military power. During 11 days Ukrainian warriors destroyed over 11 thousands of Russian soldiers. This is more than during the two Chechen wars, which lasted 6 years.A few more days, and Russia’s losses of killed and wounded will outnumber the losses of 10 years of war in Afghanistan.We have already destroyed 300 tanks and a thousand armoured vehicles. More than 40 planes and almost 70 helicopters. Russia has lost hundreds of elite paratroopers and special forces members. The ones horrifying Africa, the Middle East. But not Ukraine.We are destroying them just as we destroy other terrorists who straddle our cities with missiles. Who shoots children.Do not be afraid! Same as our young boys and girls who are not afraid to stop the enemy. Same as our farmers who are not afraid to seize the enemy’s armoured vehicles. Same as the employee of the postal company who was not afraid to shoot down the Russian plane with MPADS.Today, Europe has a chance to defeat a tyrant who has been intimidating everyone around for decades.This requires Ukraine to persevere.Russia will not be able to defeat us in an open battle. It will not be able to intimidate us by the criminal shelling of our cities.In order to win we need help – closed sky and weapons. We will protect ourselves and you. We are not afraid of the Russians. They are the ones fleeing and taken prisoner in the hundreds.In addition to weapons, the question of general endurance arises every day.We need resources to provide our army with uniforms, to feed our people. To quickly restore the destroyed.You need to increase the pressure on Russia. And everyone who receives money in Moscow. Because they will bring war to your homes.The world has changed. You have to make decisions very quickly. I mean, the war is going on in Europe. The Kremlin may start new fires.We will fight and we will win anyway. The whole Ukrainian people will resist. But your help will save lives. Including the lives of your children and relatives. Every day of the war means dozens of deaths of civilians. Of Europeans.I thank all those who are already helping.I urge everyone to show that the free world is not afraid of a single tyrant hiding in a bunker.