President Zelensky’s address to the nation. 06/03/2022

I have just been informed about a missile strike on Vinnytsia. 8 missiles were used on our city, our peaceful Vinnytsia.  Which has never threatened Russia in any way. And yet they attacked it with a hard and cynical missile strike. It completely destroyed Vinnytsia airport.  They continue to ruin our infrastructure and our lives that us, our parents, our grandparents – whole generations of Ukrainians – have built. Every day we repeat the same thing – close the sky over Ukraine! Close the sky from all Russian missiles, from Russian combat aviation, from all these terrorists! Declare a humanitarian air zone free of missiles and air bombs! We are human beings, and it is your humanitarian responsibility to protect us, to protect people! And you can do this!

If you don’t, if you don’t give us at least aircraft, so we can protect ourselves, there is only one conclusion to be made – you too want us to be killed very slowly.  It is also the responsibility of world politicians and Western leaders from now on and forever.