March 3, 2022 | Daily Briefing

8:00 In Chernihiv, in the area of state enterprise Combinat Astra oil plant started burning after being hit by the rocket. The shell hit the oil plant as a result of what the fire broke out. 

09:00 Russian invaders continued to shell cemetery with Grad rockets in Kharkiv. 15 cemeteries under shellfire. Information on the victims is still unavailable. 

11:00 At night, Russian militants shelled civil infrastructure with Grad rockets in the Lugansk region. As a result, two locals died. There is no water, heating, and electricity in Lugansk region. In Popasna city, two locals died because of enemy shelling, six were injured. Almost all infrastructure objects were damaged. Russians try to destroy everything that had been built for the last eight years. Also, landing forces are approaching Odesa city, namely 4 big landing crafts. Ukrainian troops are ready to hold the line. 

13 00 Russian invaders captured the building of the Kherson district state administration. Nevertheless, district control headquarter keeps working and solving urgent issues regarding assistance to the inhabitants of the district. Also, there was a phone conversation between Volodymyr Putin and Emmanuel Macron, in which the former explained that Russian targets in Ukraine, namely demilitarization and neutral status will be achieved. The conversation lasted for 90 minutes. Putin stated that any attempts made by Ukraine to delay negotiation will force Moscow to expand the list of requirements.

16 00 Fights near Bucha city in Kyiv region have been carried on for 4 hours. The battles take place in the city center. The Armed Forces of Ukraine provide worthy resistance. Battles continue in Bucha and Vorzel cities, which are also in the Kyiv region. The enemy moved into some directions, street battles are still ongoing. Ukrainian Armed Forces provide resistance. 

18 00 Previously, Russian Kafirs bombarded the surgery and sanitary department of the hospital in Zaporizhzhia city, as the result of what 3 people died. Currently, there are serious problems with the provision of electricity and heating. In Sumy region, Russian aviation bombarded Ohtyrka city and partly destroyed the railway station. 

19:00 In Kherson, invaders captured the television and radio company ´Suspilne movlennia´ (Public Broadcasting) and prepares for the spreading of fakes, − informs the head of district state administration in the Kherson region. They plan to spread misinformation through TV channels. Now, Sumy region is being crushingly bombed by the Russian troops. In particular, there is no heating and electricity in Okhtyrka city, Sumy region. 


Enemy intentionally destroys the infrastructure of Kharkiv city. Russia cuts the electricity in the city, stops heating, destroys homes – states city mayor in Kharkiv city.


Russia not only fights the war against the Ukrainian people, breaching international laws but causes a humanitarian crisis. The humanitarian crisis is necessary for the further delivery of humanitarian aid convoys. Under the guise of humanitarian aid, Russia delivers weapons. Previously, such a tactic has been used several times by Russia at the setting stage of the war on Donbas in 2014-2015 years.