Atlantic Council: Ukraine’s Slow Сounteroffensive Is a Wake-up Call for the West

In the “Ukraine’s slow counteroffensive is a wake-up call for the West” article written for the Atlantic Council, Maksym Skrypchenko, President of the Transatlantic Dialogue Center, provides a critical analysis of Western rhetoric on the Ukrainian counteroffensive.

The article mentions there is no surprise that Ukrainian counteroffensive is going slowly. Ukraine still has a lack of necessary modern aviation and long-range strike ammunition. However, West aid given since February 2022 has been crucial, it is still insufficient.

Mr. Skrypchenko emphasizes that Ukraine cannot negotiate over its continued existence. Any attempt to force the Ukrainian government to sit at the table of negotiations with Russia now will only continue the war and suffering of Ukrainians.

On the contrary, the Russians position seems to become more vulnerable. Internal processes, such as the PMC Wagner mutiny, reflect the decreasing of Putin’s power.

These factors must be a wake-up call and push Western leaders to give more military aid to defeat Russia. 

Read the article at Atlantic Council website.