The international seminar: “Promotion of international peace and security”

In the city of Córdoba (Argentina), in the international convention center of the hotel La Cañada with the support of the local Single Union of Surveillance and Industrial Commercial Security Companies (SUVICO) and the International Renaissance Foundation the Transatlantic Dialogue Center (TDC) held an important conference on the topic “Promotion of international peace and security”.

Alina Rohach and Oleksandr Slyvchuk, representing the TDC, and the Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic in Córdoba, Daniel Villalón, spoke before an auditorium.

In the words of Gustavo Pedrocca, Secretary General of SUVICO to the audience: “Today you have the testimony of those who walk these streets, who often run to a shelter, but often run to pick up the body of a relative. So, I respectfully ask you for a round of applause for listening to Ukraine. And a round of applause for peace”.

Oleksandr Slyvchuk expressed his gratitude to the Secretary General Gustavo Pedrocca: “Thank you very much for this beautiful and kind opportunity, this support we have felt has been extraordinary for us. I must repeat from Argentina, in Ukraine we are going to talk about this beautiful and so useful experience we have had here”.

During their presentation, Oleksandr Slyvchuk and Alina Rohach told the audience about the key events of Russia’s war against Ukraine, war crimes committed by Russians, and presented the Peace Formula of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi.

The SUVICO Women’s Secretariat stated that human rights are not suspended when a war starts. However, the world today is witnessing massive violations of human rights in Ukraine. Primarily of children, youth, and women. Assuming a commitment to the security of humanity, the SUVICO Women’s Secretariat expressed its strong condemnation of the war and its devastating human consequences. It extended its solidarity to the people of Ukraine, especially to its girls, boys, and those in the world who are owed a lasting peace to regain their childhoods and begin to heal. The SUVICO Women’s Secretariat was very firm in its values and concepts stating that the security of humanity is at stake and that the war must end.

Alina Rohach in her speech spoke about the human side of war. How women, children, the elderly live it. Behind all the hard data, the numbers, the statistics, there are lives of people whose daily life in this context, it was very hard to know.

For his part, the Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic in Córdoba pointed out to the Ukrainian political scientists that in Argentina the majority supports their cause. He expressed his wish that this horror would end soon and that never again in the face of such cruelty the response would be silence and complicity of inaction. And he closed: “Argentina is your friend, it was and will always be your home”.

Photo and video by SUVICO

TDC is implementing the project with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation.