TDC Team on XI Civil Society Development Forum

On December 5, 2022, TDC Programs Coordinator Daryna Sydorenko, Analyst of the Spain and Latin America Cooperation Program Alina Rohach, and Coordinator of Spain and Latin America cooperation program Oleksandr Slyvchuk took part in the XI Civil Society Development Forum, which gathered hundreds of activists, volunteers, and NGO representatives from around Ukraine. This year’s Forum took place on International Volunteer Day signifying the contribution of the civil society movement to the wartime efforts of supporting Ukraine.

The Forum became a large-scale platform for discussions on how the full-scale invasion affected the civil society of Ukraine, what accomplishments were reached, what failures took place in the process, and what tasks activists are facing today.

In 2022 Ukraine’s resilience became an example and inspiration for the whole world. It became evident that the free future is being created by people, who couldn’t think of being able to transfer people from the occupied territories; give refuge to those who lost their homes; search for weapons and funds for buying them; advocate for help to Ukraine in the offices of Brussels and Washington. However, on February 24 all participants woke up to be volunteers, who became the core element of Ukrainian civil society.

TDC team, which is taking an active part in advocation campaigns and fundraisings for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, was honored to take part and exchange their experience with prominent Ukrainian activists present at the event. TDC is steadfast in the support of Ukraine’s struggle against Russian aggression.